General Questions:

To apply to be an Ibeautie, fill out the application and include at least 3 images that best represent you. The photos you include with your application DO NOT have to be nude or professional - they can just be selfies! Make sure to put your full legal name on your application, not a modeling name or other nickname. After you apply, we'll email you back with the next steps!
We need TWO of the following IDs to prove that you are over 18 years old. Your forms of ID can be any of the items below. One MUST be a photo ID that shows your birthdate and both MUST be current (not expired) and match the name on your application. * A driver's license * A passport * A Social Security or National Insurance card * A birth certificate * A University ID * A military ID * Any other state or government-issued ID These are the ONLY acceptable forms of ID.
A "set" is a series of 40-60 pictures of you, starting fully clothed and ending fully nude, shot in one session with the same outfit, theme, and setting.

 Nudity should begin in the first third of the set, and by the end of the set, you must be fully nude, no exceptions for Ibeauties Models. For Guest Models it is not required. Fully exposed breasts and bums are required, no explicit or erotic nudity. Please do not include any overtly sexual shots in your submission, and penetration is never allowed.
That's totally fine! We don't expect Ibeauties to be professional models, we want everyone to look her best ;) We will help with with your set up all the way to your shoot. Giving you any advice or questions you may have. We don't leave you hanging.
Rates vary from Model to Model. Starting off from 200$ to 500$ Canadian per shoot. Models will be able to make up to 1,000 to 10,000 on the site itself., with private set(s), live feeds and private content. Paymenets are made either due after photo shoot and or 1-2 weeks after the shoot.
You may use 3-6 photos from the set on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, your portfolio, your personal website, etc. Any photos you share from us must bare the Ibeauties logo.

Other Questions:

YES!!!! All Models are welcomed here. It's not about size but about confidence. Confidence is sexy! Be you and happy with youself and it will show in your photos.
There is alot more to come on, from photos to live streaming. Soon Models will be ablke to upload their own photos and sell for private members and same as streaming. Ibeauties will be a one stop shop for Indigenous Models.

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